WWE Cruiserweight title is revived after 9 year absence


WWE revived the Cruiserweight title last night during the finale of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, with the division now represented with a title for the first time since 2007.

The company started using the title when WCW was bought in 2001, abandoning the WWE Light Heavyweight title in favor of the Cruiserweight title. The lineage of that particular title dates back to 1991 when Brian Pillman won the tournament final against Ricky Morton at Halloween Havoc. The title was then unified in 2001 with the Light Heavyweight title, with X-Pac beating Billy Kidman to become the new Cruiserweight champion.

The title eventually swapped hands 79 times during its history with Hornswoggle being the last one to hold it after defeating Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, Funaki, and Jamie Noble at the Great American Bash in 2007. The title was retired in September 2007 with Hornswoggle being the last recognized champion.

The new title introduced by WWE does is not carrying the same lineage as the other Cruiserweight title that preceded it and TJ Perkins is listed as the first ever title holder, ignoring the past history of the division title.