WWE creative writer Robert Evans quits before getting fired during Hall of Fame ceremony


Robert Evans, one of the WWE creative writers, quit his work halfway through the Hall of Fame induction ceremony before WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon had the opportunity to fire him.

Evans worked with Bret “Hit Man” Hart on his acceptance speech, writing a line where Bret thanked Vince for combining him and Neidhart, a big no-no in the Hall of Fame. The rules are pretty clear that talent should under no circumstances thank Vince during their speech and Evans took the brunt of the heat.

During the show, as Evans was getting ripped backstage, he decided to simply go before the order of being fired came around according to the Wrestling Observer.

In a post on Twitter, Evans gave his official statement simply writing, “I quit WWE,” before adding his groceries list which included Bargain Balloons!

The incident between Evans and Vince occurred after Hart wrapped up his speech, a speech which was marred with the shocking attack live on the show which added extra stress to those backstage.

This year, the speeches were all on the teleprompter, which means that other people had to vet the speech prior to it going live and no one flagged it.

Later in the evening in their speech, DX thanked Vince McMahon multiple times as a way to get back to him and it was said pretty clear that they shouldn’t be doing it…but they’re doing it anyway! None of the DX members got in trouble after the show.

A few days after Evans quit, Smackdown co-lead writer “Road Dogg” Brian James stepped down from his creative duties.