WWE champ Seth Rollins responds to Dana White’s tweet


The war of words between Dana White and wrestling fans went on and on yesterday with some saying that they have canceled their order for UFC 190 on pay-per-view due to White’s disrespectful comments.

TNA’s Jeremy Borash said that he canceled the order, which prompted White to reply that it’s free in the UK, “goofball.” Borash outlined that he lives in Nashville, and not the United Kingdom.

WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins also fired back at White. The fan who started this all had the Twitter username “ROKRollins,” obviously a fan of both Orton and the champ.

“Guys, cut @danawhite some slack. I mean he’s had a million matches, so his opinion is super valid and should be taken as gospel,” Rollins sarcastically said.

Despite all this, many WWE Superstars and Divas were tweeting their support to Ronda Rousey last night, posing with her t-shirt and wishing her luck in her fight.