WWE bids $27 million to purchase television studios office complex


WWE has offered a sum of $27 million to purchase the large office space complex that currently holds their television studios.

Located at Hamilton Avenue in Stamford, the space is currently serving as AmeriCares world headquarters and has other tenants inside. The huge complex is around a mile away from WWE’s corporate headquarters on East Main Street.

“An opportunity arose that made sense for us to pursue,” WWE told the Stamford Advocate newspaper in an emailed statement. “If we’re successful in the purchase of the building, WWE would become the building’s landlord and assumes the previous owner’s lease obligations.”

Seaboard Realty, owners of the buildings, are bankrupt and eight city properties went up for a quick sale. WWE offered $3 million more than what the court approved but there is a long list of other bidders who have bid on the property and others.