WWE App updated with results notification feature


While the WWE App for iOS and Android is often given good reviews, one feature that most fans did not appreciate was notifications of winners of each match during pay-per-views. These notifications popped up on your mobile device and there was no way to get rid of them, until now.

The latest update of the WWE App features a new “show results” category in the notifications menu, giving users the ability to turn on or off updates on match results as soon as they’re over. Switching them off will prevent them from giving you spoilers if you’re not watching the show live.

Four different notification options are available in the WWE App and all of them can be turned on or off. These are Breaking News, WWE Network, Events, and Show Results. A green button will indicate that the notifications are on.

The new version you need to download is 3.12.1 and it’s now available on the Google Play Store and iTunes.