WWE announces 2020 draft rules


WWE kicks off a two-night draft on Friday Night Smackdown tonight and it will continue on Monday on Raw.

There are over 60 WWE Superstars eligible to be drafted, with NXT left out of the equation. For every two picks for Smackdown, Raw will get three picks due to the difference in length of the show.

Tag teams will count as one pick unless each brand wants to pick one Superstar from the team and any undrafted Superstars will be able to appear and “sign” on any show that they want.

Just like in 2019, NXT was left out and will not be part of the draft episodes. When speaking to the wrestling media last week, Triple H was still unsure himself if NXT was going to be part of it and said that the creative team were still discussing it.

Last year, Becky Lynch was the #1 pick for the Raw brand while Roman Reigns was the #1 pick for Smackdown on night one. Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar were #1 picks for Raw and Smackdown respectively on night two of the draft.