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WSJ uncovers $12 million in hush money Vince McMahon paid over the years

Vince McMahon’s problems have gone from bad to very, very, very bad as the Wall Street Journal has uncovered that McMahon paid $12 million in other hush money to four different women over the past 16 years.

The payments went to former employees who all signed non disclosure agreements with McMahon to prevent them from talking in public against him or the company and prevents them from legal action against him.

WSJ says that one of the payments included a $7.5 million pact with a former WWE Superstar who said that McMahon coerced her into giving him oral sex. She said that after she resisted further encounters, she got demoted and her contract was not renewed in 2005. Documents show that the unnamed wrestler and her legal team approached Vince for a settlement in 2018.

Another former employee said that McMahon sent her unsolicited nude photos of him and sexually harassed her on the job. McMahon paid $1 million for her NDA signature back in 2008.

Another $1 million went to a former manager who worked for Vince for 10 years before he allegedly started a sexual relationship with her. This case dates back to 2006.

The WWE Board of Directors is currently investigating a separate $3 million hush money deal to a paralegal who was bounced around to John Laurinaitis as well. Laurinaitis is on a leave of absence from WWE and McMahon temporarily resigned from his role as CEO and Chairman until the investigation is complete.

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