WrestleMania 31 odds tip slightly towards a Roman Reigns win


Roman Reigns is the slight bookies favorite to win the WWE World Heavyweight title tonight at WrestleMania with most betting websites having him 4/7 for the win and Lesnar the underdog at 5/4. These early odds are most likely to change just before the show goes on the air and the “smart” money comes in.

In other matches, Sting is the absolute favorite at 1/7, The Undertaker winning is at 1/4, Seth Rollins at 4/7, Daniel Bryan at 3/1, John Cena at 1/6, and AJ Lee and Paige at 2/5. For the pre-show, Kidd and Cesaro are favorites to retain at 1/3, and Damien Mizdow is favorite to win the battle royal at 10/11.

In terms of most popular bets and who the fans are picking, Lesnar is the favorite to retain the title. Other popular bets from people dropping money have Seth Rollins, Sting, Kidd and Cesaro, The Undertaker, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee and Paige, and Damien Mizdow as the winners of their respective matches. All the popular bets are in line with the odds on favorite except for the WWE World Heavyweight title match.

While several betting websites may offer different odds, the favorites pretty much remain the same throughout.