Women’s match stopped after Paige gets injured at live event in Uniondale


WWE Superstar Paige, who just recently returned after a 17-month layoff, was injured at the non-televised live event in Uniondale last night.

The injury, which left Paige on the mat for a while, occurred during a six-woman tag team match featuring Paige, Sonya, and Mandy versus Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Mickie James. Sasha hit Paige with a kick that landed on her neck, with Paige going down motionless. The British star underwent neck surgery during her time away from WWE.

As the referee and the ringside physician attended to Paige, the trio of Bayley, Banks, and James looked on from the corner. EMTs came out with a stretcher but Paige eventually got up and walked to the back while being helped. The match was abandoned.

Paige has not addressed the incident on social media yet and WWE did not comment either.

You can see a video of this shot by Twitter user Nick Hirshon below.