Which match is main eventing SummerSlam 2016?


With two main title matches on the card, which one do you put on last as the main event of the show? Well, in this case, it seems neither of them will be.

The plans are that Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton will go on last on the massive card tomorrow, a card that features 13 matches in total including three on the Kickoff show. Putting Lesnar vs Orton last is also another hint of something that might happen with Goldberg at the end of the show to send the fans home happy.

If something eventually happens with the former WCW champion, following whatever takes place would be a very, very hard task for whoever is next so putting the match last makes the most sense.

This will be the third year in a row that Lesnar main events SummerSlam. In 2014 he wrestled John Cena and in 2015 he wrestled The Undertaker. He also main evented SummerSlam in 2012 against Triple H. In 2013, Randy Orton took the top card match against Daniel Bryan.