Which brings more money and fans? WrestleMania or Super Bowl?


Politifact.com has a story online regarding a recent statement by Triple H where he said that WWE’s WrestleMania has outdrawn the Super Bowl in terms of tickets for the past few years when the two hold their events at the same arena.

In terms of attendance, WWE did in fact outdraw NFL’s biggest game of the year in five out of six stadiums however ticket sales and economic impact of the Super Bowl surpasses that of WrestleMania.

WWE and NFL held their respective events in the same stadiums six times – at the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit, Ford Field in Detroit, Reliant Stadium in Houston, University of Phoenix Stadium in Phoenix, Georgia Dome in Atlanta, and Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

Out of all those in terms of attendance, the NFL only wins at the Georgia Dome, edging WWE out with 72,625 vs 71,617 spectators.

If you think WWE has the unfair advantage of having seats on the field, WWE spokesman Kevin Hennessy said that while that it is true, for WrestleMania – and other WWE events – there are no seats behind the stage and those seats are always available for football. “That is why we feel justified in making the comparison,” Hennessy said.