Wesley Snipes’ production company signs multi-film deal with WWE Studios


Deadline.com is reporting that Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes and his production company Maandi Media DMM have signed a multi-film deal with WWE Studios.

The first movie between the two was announced earlier this month titled Temple, featuring Snipes himself, Anne Heche Dave Annable and WWE Superstar Seth Rollins. The movie is also being produced in conjunction with Gene Simmons’ label Erebus Pictures, which has a working agreement with WWE Studios.

The second movie as part of the deal will start production later this year and under terms of the deal, WWE Studios will handle worldwide rights and leverage its platforms including weekly TV shows, digital and social media, and WWE Network to bolster awareness.

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Wesley Snipes added, “The action genre has been a very big and important part of my career. There is no better way to extend my love for dynamic action-based entertainment than with a company like WWE, who have been entertaining fans for decades with incredible visuals and deliciously entertaining storylines. Maandi strives to create elevated multi-media content that appeals to all demographics worldwide — from childhood fan to feature film collaborators.”