Was the Brock Lesnar / Paul Heyman segment cut short on Raw?


The Brock Lesnar segment on Raw last night seemed like it was cut short after what was designed to solidify Lesnar as the heel, the crowd turned on Goldberg and following a few pauses from Heyman, the WWE production team hit Lesnar’s music to end the segment out of nowhere.

Perhaps this outcome could have been predicted since the show was from Minneapolis, and Lesnar attended the University of Minnesota and has strong ties to the city. With some fans chanting for Goldberg, Heyman said that Brock didn’t come home so half the arena chants for Goldberg. That prompted quick “Goldberg sucks” chants which effectively killed the whole segment.

Heyman could be seen talking to Lesnar somewhat discreetly towards the end of segment and the cameras caught them a couple of times however quickly cut to crowd shots. After a whole minute of “Goldberg sucks” chants, Lesnar’s theme hit the speakers and Heyman threw the mic, with both exiting the ring leaving many scratching their heads as to what the purpose of this appearance was supposed to be.