Visually-improved WWE Network begins roll-out with multi-tier subscriptions next


The new and visually-improved WWE Network began its worldwide roll-out yesterday with an interface similar that to Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming service providers and moving away from the out-dated design that has been in place since day one of the launch back in 2014.

The new design will also facilitate the introduction of the new multi-tier system and localization of programming that WWE Co-President George Barrios discussed about during the conference call with reporters on Thursday.

WWE is planning to have a free subscription tier where everyone can see certain content and then the regular paid tier and an additional premium tier. The premium tier will allow fans to watch events like the EVOLVE 10th anniversary show and similar events that WWE plans to carry on their Network.

“I think the cadence will be the free-tier first, which we’re really excited about, paid tier, premium tier, second, and then our first additional language we believe after that. I think you’ll start seeing things this year around that and probably all 3 gets done within the next 12 months or so depending on how the roll-out goes, but you begin to see those business this year,” Barrios said during the conference call.