Vince McMahon undergoes surgery, already back to work


WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon underwent hip surgery this past week but is already back in the driving seat of his company and attended RAW last night.

McMahon had to fix a problem which was there before he got F5’ed by Brock Lesnar and it was decided to use the storyline to explain why he’d be off television. The fact that Vince took an ugly looking F5 with a bad hip explains it all about the Chairman and how far he will go.

Meanwhile, the official WWE Twitter account posted a photo of McMahon in bed before his surgery flipping off the camera, although the finger was blurred out!

“Mr. McMahon, watch out for that bedpan,” read the caption, a reference to that time when Steve Austin showed up in a hospital and hit McMahon with a pan on his head during the Attitude Era Days!

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