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Vince McMahon back in charge at TV, chaos at Raw


PWInsider.com is reporting that Vince McMahon was “firmly back in control” at Monday Night Raw last night, causing havoc backstage with multiple rewrites of the show as it went along.

That bad habit disappeared ever since Paul Levesque took over the creative side of the company and it was often regarded as a big stress issue backstage.

McMahon flexed his authority for the first time since coming back and was at Gorilla directing things as it was before he left in July. Mike Johnson of PWInsider said that the move created a big negative shift in morale backstage with many feeling things will go back to the old ways.

Several things planned for the show did not happen and you could feel it was a “Vince Raw” as Raw After Mania was heavily criticized, regarded as the worst post-Mania shows in history.

While Levesque had the final say in creative since July, Dave Meltzer of the Observer adds that everything now has to go through Vince again while Triple H remains in charge of creative.

Vince, 77, will be the new Executive Chairman of the Board for the new WWE/UFC merged company under Endeavor and yesterday said he will have a say in creative “at a higher level” only.