Vince McMahon appears on RAW after show goes off the air


The Hulk Hogan celebration continued on the WWE Network (available for $9.99 just in case you missed it) after RAW went off the air on USA Network.

Heath Slater brought out a cake but as always, a cake in a WWE ring never has a good ending, and predictably, the cake ended up in Titus O’Neil’s face. With the first cake out of the question, another red and yellow cake was brought out with Happy Birthday Hulk Hogan written on it and “9.99” as candles.

Everyone then cleared the ring to leave Hogan posing with confetti falling down to his theme song as the feed also faded to black on the Network. The celebration continued however to those inside the area as Vince McMahon’s “No Chance” theme song interrupted and out came the Chairman!

McMahon hugged Hulk, raised his arm and then quickly left the ring to leave Hogan alone again.

The whole segment – minus McMahon appearing – is available on the WWE Network as part of the RAW Backstage Pass for this week.