Vince McMahon appears after Survivor Series goes off the air


Vince McMahon made an appearance after the Survivor Series went off the air joining his daughter and son-in-law as The Authority.

The whole thing started after Cena challenged WWE champion Randy Orton for a champion vs champion match, a match which Orton declined. After that, Kane tried to get in the ring to attack Cena but Triple H held the Big Red Machine, something that Kane didn’t like, so he proceeded to try and chokeslam Triple H, only to be stopped by Randy Orton.

After the chaos cleared, Cena grabbed the mic and started mouthing off The Authority and Triple H came back out but Vince McMahon stopped him. Cena then proceeded to mock Vince, and then Vince wanted to hit the ring but Stephanie and Triple H stopped him as well. Cena then did something to Stephanie, and she charged the ring but Triple H ran back to stop her.

It was quite the show! You can see the full video below.