Video of Seth Rollins finishing match against Kane with blown knee


Video of Seth Rollins finishing the match against Kane in Dublin, Ireland, has surfaced online and even with a torn ACL, MCL, and medial meniscus, the now former WWE champion managed to hit the Pedigree.

As Kane went for the chokeslam, Rollins hit him in the stomach with a chair and then another chair shot to the back. Rollins then grabbed Kane for the Pedigree and hit the finishing move, but adjusting his landing so he makes the minimal impact on his right knee which blew out just minutes earlier.

After hitting the Pedigree, Rollins grabbed his knee, obviously in a lot of pain, and barely dragged himself over Kane for the pin. Following the pinfall, Rollins spent around a minute down on the canvas and then the referee helped him up to pose with the title. A ringside doctor then helped Rollins to the back.

You can see the video below.