Variety covers WWE Network number, Wall Street reacts


Variety has covered the news that WWE Network has surpassed the 1 million subscribers mark, instantly making it their most popular news story of the day on their website.

Wall Street immediately reacted to the news with stock shooting up over 15% at time of this writing. WWE had set a deadline of 1 million subscribers by the end of 2014 and investors – and probably even those within WWE – were not optimistic they would do it. It’s still not known if the mark was reached by the end of the year or by Royal Rumble, one of the most populars pay-per-views on the WWE calendar.

At the last count, WWE had a total of 731,000 subscribers worldwide and that was at the end of October 2014. Since the service started, WWE lost over 250,000 subscribers. The Network also launched in the United Kingdom since then, a move which probably helped the number spike.

On February 12 WWE will report its fourth quarter and year end results. The number of subscribers they will quote might or might not be the one million plus, depending on when they reached the number. The 1 million plus subscribers is quoted for today, January 27.