USA vs the World 16-tag match set for 4th of July Raw


With probably a record-low audience expected tomorrow night on Raw due to the 4th of July holiday in the United States, WWE is trying to get viewers to tune in with a massive 16-man elimination USA vs The World tag team match.

The match was announced on WWE.COM however none of the participants were made public yet. Also announced on Raw is a United States title match with champion Rusev taking on Titus O’Neil. A champion vs champion match is also set to take place with Dean Ambrose vs The Miz, a replay of their match from Smackdown.

WWE is also teasing that a former Smackdown General Manager will be showing up to try and convince the McMahons to take over the show once it goes live. So far Teddy Long, John Laurinaitis, and Corporate Kane have showed up. Maybe it’s Vickie Guerrero this time? Or how about Kurt Angle?