Undertaker and wife Michelle McCool take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


The Undertaker took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge after he was nominated by his wife and former WWE Diva Michelle McCool.

In typical Undertaker fashion, the video is shot in the dark and he introduces himself as Mark Callaway. Before he took the challenge, he nominated six people, one of which is Charles Wright, the man formerly known as the Godfather and Papa Shango. He also challenged one of his kids, Gunner, who he had with his first wife.

Taker takes the challenge with one of his young kids who screamed when the water hits the two. “Very cold!” exclaims Taker after the shower.

Michelle McCool originally did not nominate her husband in the video but he was the one who dumped the ice cold water on her and she screamed like she was getting stabbed in the neck…and then officially nominated him for the challenge as well.

You can see the videos below.