Ultimate Warrior comments on his Hall Of Fame induction


For the first time since this past Monday when the WWE announced that the Ultimate Warrior was going in the Hall of Fame, the man himself commented about it on Twitter.

“Predictions, speculation, guesses…even after 18 years one UW power has not diminished at all…His power to fascinate imaginations,” Warrior wrote with the hashtag WWEHOF at the end.

“First time in my #WWE career everyone is in total, absolute agreement: ‘You don’t want to miss the #UltimateWarrior #WWEHOF speech.’ I agree,” he added, before ending his short comment with a funny statement.

“Statement? Sure. First one to try to limit #WWEHOF speech to 140 anything – characters/words/pages/minutes/hours – gets clothesline.”

HAH! Let’s hope the speech is close captioned!