UFC’s Cris Cyborg offers to help Alexa Bliss prepare for Ronda Rousey


Raw Women’s champion Alexa Bliss received an offer for help in her defense against Ronda Rousey from none other than the UFC Women’s Featherweight champion, Cris Cyborg.

“Let me know @AlexaBliss_WWE if you need help training Judo takedown and armbar defense,” Cyborg tweeted. The WWE champ responded to the tweet, telling Cyborg, “Thanks! I’ll let you know,” and using the hashtag #ChampsHelpingChamps.

Cyborg and Rousey shared a big rivalry throughout the past few years but they never met in the cage as Cyborg always refused to cut down weight to get to the same weight class as Rousey. Rousey always fought in the Bantamweight division, which has a 126 to 135lbs maximum weight. Cyborg was just in the weight class above her as Featherweight, fighting in the 136 to 145lbs range.

Cyborg started a Twitter feud with Becky Lynch last year and actively campaigned for a wrestling match against her at SummerSlam but nothing ever materialized from it.