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Twitter user accuses Enzo Amore of rape in October

A Twitter user that goes by the username @missgucciwitch is accusing WWE Cruiserweight champion Enzo Amore of rape.

She said that she was raped in mid-October by the WWE Superstar and lists Tyler Grosso and Layla ‘Too Poor’ Shapiro as accomplices for letting it happen.

“I was in a mental hospital for 45 days after it. They ARE NOT good people,” she wrote in a tweet.

The @missgucciwitch user explained how Grosso and Shapiro invited her to hang out with Enzo in his hotel room and got her “f*cked up” by doing coke, meth, and weed. She says that Enzo told them that he was going to rape her and after they tried to persuade him not to, they gave up and left her there with him.

“It was such a brutal rape like I’m still so f*cked up from it I haven’t had sex since October. I’m in the process of pressing charges,” she wrote.

In another message, she explained how Shapiro asked her if she would suck Enzo’s dick and if she didn’t want to, they would all just hang out. She said that she was passed out on the couch when Enzo starting to come at her and she allegedly told him that she wants to get to know him first before doing anything.

“He replied, ‘Bitch I have 1 million followers on Instagram…you should be begging for this dick,'” she wrote, adding that he then proceeded to restrain her and raped her.

“I remember bits and pieces and I have constant flashbacks…my mental issues have been the worst ever and I suffer from major PTSD from it,” she continued.

The story is unconfirmed and we’re only publishing what the Twitter user, who lists her name as Philomena Sheahan, is alleging that Enzo did to her.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The original story included two sentences that some have misinterpreted as discrediting the alleged victim because of her other activities advertised on her Twitter. This is certainly not the case and we believe the story was fair and accurate and no secrets were exposed. We absolutely do not condone any kind of sexual violence no matter what. You are free to check out her Twitter and the timeline and make up your own judgment. The two sentences have been deleted from the story to remove any doubt in our reporting.

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