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Trish Stratus announces she’s pregnant during HOF speech


Former seven time Women’s champion Trish Stratus was the second person inducted into the Hall of Fame with Stephanie McMahon doing the honors.

McMahon came out following the video introduction for Trish and one person immediately screamed “You’re hot” when the crowd silenced down. Yes, she did indeed look hot. McMahon put over Trish for being a successful wrestler and business woman and called her an inspiration.

Stratus came out in a long dress showing some cleavage and thanked Stephanie for her intro and returning the favor with some nice words of her own.

Trish thanked her trainer, and some other influential people in her life including Fit Finlay, Jim Ross, the McMahon family, and the fans. She also thanked her fellow former Divas – Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Jazz, Molly Holly, Victoria, and last but not least, Lita, who she called her best friend.

Stratus recounted a story of when she went to the WWE HQ in Stamford for the first time to meet Jim Ross and how she was in awe of all the stuff displayed in the building. Trish then picked a pen from her cleavage, yes, it was hiding there, which JR used to sign her contract and put her thumb on the F of the old scratched WWF logo so “the pandas don’t get pissed.” Big pop for that.

She then thanked her family, including her mom who was battling cancer when she retired and is now cancer free. Her last thanks went to her husband Ron, who was booed out of the building every time she mentioned his name or a cute story. He took it well and laughed along and then Trish revealed that she is pregnant with the couple’s first child.

The fans and her peers gave her a standing ovation for the announcement and she is expected to be a mom in September.