Triple H tells fans how NXT opening was going to work, not everyone listened!


Before NXT Takeover: Brooklyn went live, Triple H explained to the fans inside the Brooklyn Center how the opening was going to be worked out and asked for everyone’s participation, especially the part where everyone had to be silent.

“I am going to ask you to go silent,” Triple H said, adding that the lights will be off except one spotlight on him and he’s going to explain to the world that the fans are the reason for the big success of NXT. He then said that when he puts his hands up and the lights go up, everyone can scream their lungs out again.

The opening sort of worked although the crowd wasn’t dead silent as people still screamed when they were not supposed to. Some eye witness reports from the r/SquaredCircle community commented that someone was yelling “Chris Benoit” when the crowd lowered their voice and Triple H told him to be quiet and it wasn’t funny at all.

You can see the opening of NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and the opening from the fans perspective below.