Triple H talks issues with CM Punk on Austin’s podcast


Just like he asked Vince McMahon, Steve Austin touched the subject of CM Punk with Triple H on his Unleashed podcast last night.

Triple H said that there was a history between them which started when he said he’s never seen Punk before he came to WWE’s developmental and that wasn’t meant to be a knock on CM Punk. He said that he never had any beef with him but Punk carried it over with him when he was brought up to the main roster.

He said that all the storylines they did together with Nash also coming in where all done for the right reasons and to get Punk more over but things didn’t work out, noting all the decision were taken by Vince McMahon.

Triple H said that Punk was a “weird cat” and was very hard to get to know and didn’t communicate well. He recounted a story of how he was hearing that Punk was complaining about something backstage and when he went to talk to him, Punk said that everything was alright.

Asked if there’s a way for CM Punk to return to the WWE, Triple H said the usual “never say never” line and if the fans want it and that’s what’s best for business, then they can work something out but only if Punk wants to come back and if he can get past the issues he has with the business.