Triple H shows off his 2nd degree burns he suffered at WrestleMania


If you were wondering what was that weird white stuff on Triple H’s torso when he walked out for his WrestleMania 29 match against Brock Lesnar last Sunday, it’s called dry ice and apparently, it hurts like a bitch too!

The former WWE and World Heavyweight champion wrote on Twitter that he suffered 2nd degree burns at Mania, right as soon as he walked through his set which was firing dry ice to create the smoke. The problem was that HHH walked right as the machine started firing the ice instead of letting it firing first.

“For those wondering… Stuff stuck to me at mania was dry ice. Gave me 2nd degree burns on torso & arms,” he wrote, linking to a photo at of how 2nd degree burns look on skin.

The story was also picked up by TMZ.