Triple H says NXT counter programming AEW is all part of healthy competition


In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Triple H admitted that they are doing some counter programming because of AEW and said that it’s all part of healthy competition.

“Anyone that thinks it isn’t, to a degree, is being naive to the situation,” Triple H said, a clear dig at the folks at AEW who often said they’re not in competition with WWE.

“At the same point, it can’t drive your booking decisions. Obviously there are counter-programming decisions, but I can tell you exactly how this came about,” Triple H said referring to The Great American Bash. HHH said that there was a gap between In Your House and the SummerSlam Takeover show and they needed a “halfway point” which ended up being the two-night Great American Bash.

“So it doesn’t change our decision-making process. I don’t counter-book, I book what’s right for NXT,” Triple H added.