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Triple H on WrestleMania in London: “Never say never”


The “never say never” line was repeated for WrestleMania in London last night by WWE Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque as he answered questions from the press in the post-show press conference.

Triple H said that Cena had the afternoon free and wanted a “shot of adrenaline” and came to the show for it, noting that there’s nothing better than a WWE audience for that fix.

He jokingly thanked Cena for putting him “in an unenviable position” after he went out and said he’s trying to bring WrestleMania to London. Triple H said that he wishes it was easy as that to bring a major show like Mania across the pond but the amount of work, logistics, and people they need to bring over is unheard of.

But with the recent success of WWE internationally, it bodes well for WWE to expand its premium live events across the world.

“Never say never, the intent is there,” Triple H said about doing WrestleMania in London.

Earlier in the press conference, Cody Rhodes wondered if John Cena knew something that no one else knew and said he would definitely support a WrestleMania in London.