Triple H messes with fans after RAW goes off the air


In a funny moment after RAW went off the air yesterday, a ticked off Triple H messed with the crowd after he was getting all the insults.

HHH told the crowd that he was throwing them out of the building but obviously no one listened and kept on booing him and Stephanie McMahon and chanting “No no! no! no!” HHH told JBL to call the police and have everyone arrested for trespassing.

“Get out. What don’t you get? Get out!” he continued, before Stephanie took over the mic. “Hey get this fat guy out of here first,” Triple H said as he pointed to one fan at ringside.

He then told everyone that since no one wants to leave, he has a plan.

“As of this moment, Steph and I are hiring all of you! You all have jobs with the WWE,” Triple H said as fans cheered.

“Okay? Now, you’re fired, get the hell out of my building,” screamed Triple H as fans laughed and clapped at the comedy.

You can see the clip below.