Triple H explains Ronda Rousey’s WWE deal


During the conference call with investors, a question regarding Ronda Rousey was asked if she will be a part-timer like The Rock or used more of an ambassadorial role.

Triple H, who was sitting in on the call along with Stephanie for the first time, said that they’re “finalizing the details of the deal now” but stressed that this is a multi-year deal that will see Ronda Rousey in WWE for the foreseeable future.

“We’re in first position on everything with her. And as she has stated, she wants to be ingrained in the fabric of WWE,” Triple H replied. Rousey has stated in an interview with ESPN that WWE will be her first priority to whatever she does outside the ring so she will be working around her WWE schedule and not the other way round.

“This is not a journey into something quick where she wants to come in and do a few events. This is her life now and she wants to be here, wants to be ingrained in it and wants to be with us for a long time. And we look forward to that opportunity as she is a massive global star that can do amazing things in this industry,” Triple H added.

Rousey had to jet back to Colombia immediately following the Royal Rumble but once she wraps up that movie this month, she will resume her WWE work full-time and will be training at the WWE Performance Center during the weekends.