Triple H discusses Chyna’s chances of a HOF induction with Austin


Former WWE Women’s and Intercontinental champion Chyna was pretty surprised to see her name trending on Twitter after Stone Cold Steve Austin last night suggested her name as a potential Hall of Fame inductee to her former boyfriend, Triple H, during the podcast on the WWE Network.

Triple H said that Chyna absolutely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame but it’s “one of those questions.” When pressed about it, HHH said it’s a bit like “a double-sided edge.”

HHH added that he doesn’t need to get “into any of the other stuff” that happened with her but he has an 8 year old kid and if she goes on the Internet to look at Chyna, “What comes up?”

He is obviously referring to her porn career, with her nude images and videos splashed all over the Internet.

“I’m not criticizing anybody. I’m not criticizing lifestyle choices. Everybody has their reasons,” Triple H said. “It’s not a morality thing or anything else. It is just the fact of what it is. That’s a difficult choice.”

On Twitter, Chyna replied, “If the WWE was ever to say that I was going to be inducted, either as part of the groundbreaking DX or as an individual, well, my answer would be what a friend of mine us(ed) to say in the ring, O HELL YEAH,” she wrote.

Chyna said that she has her reason to believe why she’s not in the Hall of Fame, most likely the problem that is Stephanie McMahon, and her former career as a porn star.

Stephanie and Chyna were not best of friends during their WWE angle as Chyna was originally going out with Triple H until Stephanie McMahon was added to the picture and their on-screen relationship turned real.

On Twitter, Chyna also thanked fans for keeping her name out there and that it means a lot to her.