Triple H decks Kurt Angle during Raw’s final segment with Ronda Rousey


Kurt Angle was on the receiving end of a Triple H fist last night on Raw as the Cerebral Assassin decked Angle for the problems he caused on Sunday at the Elimination Chamber.

Raw’s main event segment featured Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Ronda Rousey, and Kurt Angle as they continued their program that will lead to a WrestleMania tag team match. Stephanie demanded that Kurt Angle apologizes for what he did but Ronda Rousey answered the call and stormed down to the ring looking like she was ready to kick some ass.

Angle however calmed her down, telling her that he needed the Raw GM job and said he lied on Sunday. Steph and Triple H thanked Kurt for clearing the air but Rousey then demanded that Stephanie apologizes to her for slapping her or else she would rip her arm out of its socket!

As Stephanie charged at her, the billion dollar princess stopped and apologized multiple times, getting a laugh from the Anaheim crowd. As Steph and Triple H exited, Kurt Angle had a sigh of relief, only to be met by a right hand from The Game, who dropped Angle on the mat.

The continuation of the angle from Sunday night kept building the tension between all four and with The Rock seemingly out of the picture, it looks like Kurt Angle will be taking his spot in this mixed tag team match. Angle last wrestled on Team Raw at the Survivor Series this past November and has often stated his wish to resume his in-ring career.

You can see the segment below.