Triple H addresses Hall of Fame possibility for Chyna


While doing the media rounds in the United Kingdom this morning, the press asked him about the passing of his former girlfriend Chyna and if she deserved a place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Triple H described her as an amazing talent and ground-breaking pioneer who was never afraid to blaze her own trail through life. “Brilliance sometimes, and that ability to push barriers and boundaries and be a pioneer, is often connected closely with other things that aren’t so positive sometimes, and demons, and unfortunately that is the case,” Triple H told the Mirror newspaper.

When the Hall of Fame topic came up, Triple H said that she “definitely warranted” a place however it’s not up to him if she goes in or not. In an earlier interview with Steve Austin, Triple H said that her adult movie career might cost her a spot in the Hall of Fame despite her fantastic WWE career.

“You know it’s not my decision, but I definitely think, as I have said before, that what she did in her life certainly warrants it. It’s certainly warranted and I’m sure at some point when the time is right, hopefully, that could happen,” Triple H said.

“There was never anybody like her before her, and there will never be anybody like her after,” he concluded.