Triple H addresses criticism of WWE choosing money over values and performing in Saudi Arabia


WWE’s push with the women’s evolution has been welcomed by the majority – if not all – wrestling fans. But now, the company is getting flack for taking the money and performing for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when one of the requests was that no women can be part of the show.

Last year, Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss made WWE history by becoming the first two women to wrestle in Abu Dhabi in the UAE. They were the only two on the roster and even had custom-made suits that showed no skin apart from their face and hands. But this time around, there will be no such thing.

WWE signed a mega multi-million dollar deal with the Kingdom to perform shows in the country over the next ten years. WWE has been criticized for taking the money and do shows in the very-strict country that only last year allowed women to drive.

But Triple H has defended the move, saying that every culture is different and just because not everyone agree with certain parts of it, it does not mean that it’s not a relevant culture.

Speaking to the UK Independent newspaper, Triple H said, “You can’t dictate to a country or a religion about how they handle things but, having said that, WWE is at the forefront of a women’s evolution in the world and what you can’t do is affect change anywhere by staying away from it.”

He said while the women will not be competing this Friday at the Greatest Royal Rumble, the company did have discussions about it with the Saudis and they believe and hope that in the next few years, the women will be part of their shows there as well.

“The country is in the middle of a shift in how it is dealing with that – the position is changing, and rights are changing, as are the way women are handled and treated in society. We think that’s a great thing and we’re excited to be at the forefront of that change.”