Tough Enough to air on YouTube for the rest of the world


In the latest press release regarding Tough Enough it was revealed that the show will be available on YouTube however it seems that it will be blocked for those countries who will get it on their local television.

As of now, Tough Enough will air on USA Network in the United States, OSN Sports 2 HD across the Middle East and North Africa, Ten Sports in the Indian subcontinent, and Cielo in Italy. In Italy it will air live along with the United States broadcast in the early hours of the morning.

The press release states that the show will be on YouTube “around the rest of the world.” Hulu Plus, which airs all WWE programming on a one day delay, will not be carrying Tough Enough.

WWE cannot geo-block programming on the WWE Network which made it impossible to air the show on their service for those countries which did not have television rights while at the same time blocking it for those whose country is carrying it on local television. With YouTube, geo-blocking is much more easier and the only possible solution for WWE to offer the show for the rest of the world.