Tough Enough competitors going to Monday Night Raw


The Tough Enough contestants are heading to Monday Night Raw in Atlanta this coming Monday to get their first look at what goes on to produce a three hour live WWE show.

The three trainers – Lita, Billy Gunn, and Booker T – announced this to the remaining contestants in a video posted on the Tough Enough website. Gunn did most of the talking, telling them that they will dress themselves and conduct themselves like a WWE Superstar. He told them they will see all the kinds of chaos backstage and some of the most awesome stuff so it will be fun and cool for them.

Gunn added that they should enjoy it and take in everything that’s going on and be conscious of who’s doing what and where. But most importantly, they should be very respectful and keep in mind that those people backstage have lots on their plate and it’s not just about the TE competitors.

Tanner asked Billy if he is going with them and if they should “share a van,” to which Billy immediately replied with a double no.