Total Divas S9 E6 episode recap: MountainMaina

This episode of Total Divas, begins exactly where the last one left off.

Newcomer Ronda Rousey had invited all of the other women wrestlers out to her alpine cabin for agility training. The other invitees included Nia Jax, Carmella, and Natalya. I’m not sure whether I would enjoy Ronda’s version of a girl’s weekend. Her weekend included archery, a stroll in the snow and just in case that wasn’t enough a run in same conditions.

Also, Ronda seem to view the girls as hired help because she even had them shovel the driveway. Rousey and fellow Superstar Sonya Deville even had a competition to see who could shovel the driveway the fastest. Their competition was not limited to driveway shoveling. The two competed for the whole weekend, mainly because Sonya still had feelings of contempt for Ronda due to her calling Sonya “a hobbyist” on Twitter. Ronda claimed she had only done this in order to cement her heel turn. Rousey also said that if she had had something bad to say about her she would have said it to her face. It was good to see the ladies make up. This should make for a more peaceful locke room.

Meanwhile, Natalya spent the entire weekend trying to get Ronda’s dog to like her. I don’t know what Natalya’s obsession with becoming a dog lover was but she tried everything to get Ronda’s dog, Roadie, to like her. Eventually, Nattie spread peanut butter all over herself in order to make the dog lick her, Ronda said that she was glad for the gesture, but Nattie could stay a crazy cat lady.

Meanwhile, in Los Angles, Nia Jax, had been invited to model in a fashion show for the Bella Twins fashion show. Considering the fact the Nia Jax has recently found out that she has crippling knee injury she really needed the comfort of her old friends, Nikki and Brie encouraged Nia to take care of herself, and promised that they would always be there for her.

However, just because Nia is injured it doesn’t mean there won’t be lots more drama on Total Divas.

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