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Total Divas S9 E3 episode recap: Rowdy Ronda


In the the third installment of this season of Total Divas, the drama from the last episode continues.

However, the drama was also mixed with sadness. Last season, the wrestling community lost a legend in Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, but the loss of the fans is nothing to that of Jim’s daughter, Nattie. Ever since her father’s death, Nattie has been wearing herself out working in order to avoid dealing with her emotions. She had also been becoming increasingly annoyed with the WWE creative team who hadn’t been giving her a lot of TV time.

In an effort to cheer up her friend, Ronda Rousey invited her friend to her home which is also a working farm. Apparently, Rousey felt that some time spent in nature would help her deal with her grief. She had Nattie help with all sorts of farm chores including shoveling goat droppings. While I commend Rousey for attempting to assist her friend, I don’t think that cleaning goat dung would help to ease my grief if I was dealing with my father’s death.

While Nattie didn’t seem to enjoy her poop cleaning duties, the time spent in the fresh air did seem to her good. So, maybe Rousey did have the right idea as gross as it may seem to us. Nattie wasn’t the only Superstar who was having life changing moments in this episode.

Sonya Deville, who is the first openly lesbian WWE Superstar was given the honor of having a float in a Florida Pride parade. Further adding to Sonya’s happiness, she and her girlfriend, Arianna, had gotten back together prior to the parade. Also, Sonya’s friends had perfected her vision for the float, which she was unable to help with because of shoulder injury. Sonya’s injury was healed in time for the parade, therefore, Sonya was able to gleefully shout,”I’m here! I’m gay! Pride!”

Sonya’s elation only served to make Carmella depressed.

Ever since Carmella’s relationship with WWE announcer Corey Graves has become public knowledge, she has been called a homewrecker and a whore. This has understandably upset Carmella. In this episode, Carmella decided to be open about their relationship and used her housewarming party as a means of throwing a surprise birthday for Corey.

However, the surprise was on Carmella because Graves was unable to attend the party although she managed to have fun anyway. She took her friends to a show where women dressed as mermaids and swam in tanks dancing sexually. The Divas were so impressed by the show that two of them, Naomi and Liv Morgan, decided to participate in the show the next night. Despite misgivings about the show, Naomi ended up swimming like the mermaids.

This show and the rest of the drama on this episode seems to leave no doubt that fans are in for more drama on Total Divas.