Total Divas S8 E9 episode recap: A Sisterhood Beyond Blood


Last week on Total Divas, we followed the ladies on a girls trip to Lake Tahoe which was full of drama from the beginning. On this episode, the drama continued as the divas revealed their deepest fears to one another, and try to help each other overcome them.

Apparently, Brie’s greatest fear is the Lake Tahoe monster, Tahoe Tessie. So Brie spent her time trying to convince the other divas that Tahoe Tessie was in fact real. However, even after trip to the Tahoe Tessie Museum, her friends were true believers. I personally think that Brie didn’t share her true worst fear because it was too personal. But she had no problem sharing her twin’s greatest fear…the fear of sharing her original poetry in public.

We also learned that WWE Superstar Natalya is terrified of heights and that Paige is petrified of deep water. After sharing their fears, the girls agreed to try conquering them during the remainder of their trip.

Natalya went first, conquering her fear of heights by parasailing. All the other girls, encouraged her along the way. Next, Paige tried to conquer her fear of deep water by going tubing, but she had an anxiety attack. However, later she was able to join the other girls in the celebratory leap into Lake Tahoe. Around the campfire, on the last day of the trip Nicole recited an original poem about her friends.

Lastly, trip ended with all the girls diving into the hot tub together; which seemed like a relaxing end to another dramatic trip for the Divas. I’m sure that there is still more relevant to come on the season finale of Total Divas.