Total Divas S8 E8 episode recap: Hate Is A Strong Word

Vacations always seem to be times of high stress and high drama for the Divas, and this week’s trip to Lake Tahoe was no exception.

Nikki and Brie decided that all of the girls needed to spend time together in order to become more bonded in light of the major advances that the women’s division has made in recent months. The twins chose Lake Tahoe because it is where they spent their childhood vacations with their now deceased grandfather.

So, the twins were relying on the supposed magic of the area to provide them and their fellow Divas with some much needed spiritual healing. However, their hopes were dashed in short order. However, Brie was partially responsible for the unraveling of their plans. Brie decided to play a prank on Lana. Apparently, Lana has complained in past vacations that the other Divas have stuck Lana with rooms that have bad views, or are in some way unsatisfactory so Brie decided to tell Lana that she didn’t even have a room, and was going to have to sleep on a pullout bed in the living room. Lana was furious and insisted on being allowed to share a room with someone.

The drama was compounded when Lana invaded the room that Paige was sharing with Nia Jax. Paige and Lana have never had a good relationship and, as we all know, Paige has been through a lot in the past year. So, apparently having Lana invade her room and then repeatedly refuse to leave, even after Paige asked her to leave caused Paige to snap. Paige said, “I can’t stand you.”

This caused Lana to storm out of the rented house threatening to leave. At this point, I don’t know why Brie didn’t just let Lana in on the joke and tell her that she actually had a room with a decent bed and wouldn’t have to use the pullout bed. Instead, the remaining girls, Nicole, Brie, Natalya, and Nia spent time trying to get the two to apologize to one another, which they eventually did, but not before Lana splashed a drink in Paige’s face.

Meanwhile, Naomi was going on a little vacation of her own before joining her friends in in Lake Tahoe. Naomi decided to visit Atlanta in order to spend time with family. While she was there, she couldn’t help but notice that Atlanta had a much larger number of things to do than Pensacola, where she has just recently moved with her with her husband, Jimmy Uso.

Since they have noticed Naomi’s discontent; her family suggested that she should purchase an apartment in Atlanta for weekend getaways. Naomi even looked at places with the realtor. The only problem is that Naomi got all excited, and failed to consult Jimmy. Once she did consult Jimmy, he was less than thrilled with her idea. In fact, he saw the plan as an attempt by Naomi to get away from him. No one knows how this disagreement will end, but it will certainly add more drama to the next episode of Total Divas.

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