Total Divas S8 E4 episode recap: Paige’s Secret

This episode of Total Divas began with bringing forward some sensitive subjects from seasons past. Apparently, Natalya is not very good at anything domestic, such as cooking, or party planning. This was shown by giving viewers of flashback from a previous Total Divas episode in which Natalya burned all the food, and nearly lit her house on fire.

However, for this party Natalya enlisted reinforcements by inviting her fellow Diva, Lana to help out, and spend the night in her house. I think this was a particularly nervy move on Natalya’s part considering the fact that she and Lana have a somewhat dubious history. Natalya thought that inviting a woman that she doesn’t get along with well would serve to prove to her husband Tyson Kidd that she indeed had the capabilities to be a good hostess. I think that Natalya should have considered Lana’s history of finding herself in compromising situations before enlisting the help. This is particularly true in light of what happened on last week’s episode of Total Divas. However, when Lana arrived, Natalya immediately sent Lana on an errand to get all of the meat for the barbecue.

Personally, I think that meat should have been on Natalya’s initial grocery list considering that meat is then essential ingredient in most American barbecues, but unfortunately she didn’t ask me before making plans. Furthermore, I agreed with Lana that considering Natalya’s lack of cooking skills, it may have been easier for her to buy hamburger patties that were already prepared instead of trying to make them herself, and perhaps she should have selected only one meat to prepare as opposed to several.

Despite Lana’s misgivings, she set off to the store along with Natalya’s parents. Natalya’s parents have a special fondness for Lana, particularly her father, Jim. So, when they got done visiting the store, Lana suggested that Natalya’s parents join her for a drink in order to give them a break from the stress that Natalya was placing them under. They readily accepted, and with the pounds of meat in tow, settled in for a round of shots at the bar.

The only problem was Natalya’s mother doesn’t drink often, so when one shot turn into several, as they so often do she was unable to drink without becoming severely intoxicated. Lana and Jim weren’t doing much better and soon the meat that they had bought sitting on the floor of the bar completely forgotten. Meanwhile, at Natalya’s house her other guests were arriving. Luckily, Natalya’s friend, Titus O’Neill, who had had previous experience with her lack of cooking skills, had thought to bring a barbecue dinner from a local restaurant complete with side dishes. Before enjoying the spread, her friends had to wait while she collected her drunk parents and friend from the bar. Once she returned home, Natalya ran to her room in tears of frustration. Maybe next time Natalya should simply ask her friends to go out to dinner with her.

Natalya wasn’t the only Diva to have a stressful week, however, Paige went through a very stressful situation of her own. Since her relationship with Alberto Del Rio ended, no one has heard of the new man in Paige’s life. So, Paige’s friend, Nia Jax decided to help Paige out of her supposed romantic slump by setting Paige up with her brother. However, the joke was on Nia since Paige already had a boyfriend that she was keeping secret from everyone.

Instead of doing the easy thing and just telling her friend about her new love interest, Paige decided to go on the date and behave in a repulsive manner so that Nia’s brother wouldn’t be interested in her anymore. Paige proceeded to burp, take bites of her date’s food, and pick food out of her teeth in public. However, Nia was not to be so easily deterred. She proceeded to invite Paige, her brother, and Natalya out to lunch hoping the group situation would make them feel more comfortable. However, when Nia continued to force her brother and Paige together, Paige proceeded to storm out of the restaurant and drive away.

When Nia and Natalya went to Paige’s house to check on her Paige finally decided to introduce them to her new boyfriend. So, it looks as though, Nia will have to find someone else to set her brother up with. Maybe this will make for more interesting drama on another episode of Total Divas.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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