Total Divas S7 E8 episode recap: Single In The City


On this episode of Total Divas, one of the Divas learned a very important lesson: opinions on what is appropriate differ depending on perspective.

WWE Diva Lana apparently enjoys being extremely affectionate with her co-workers. Her displays of affection include kissing co-workers on the lips, patting her co-workers rear ends, and squeezing their breasts to determine which Diva has the biggest ones. Lana thinks that this is just friendly behavior between Divas, but her husband, Rusev, disagreed.

He confronted Lana about her overtly affectionate behavior towards her fellow Divas, and at first, Lana dismissed his hurt feelings claiming he was overreacting. I have to say that I agree with Rusev, Lana’s behavior seemed pretty odd for a woman who is happily married to a man. Further, couldn’t the other Divas have a claim to sexual harassment charges?

Rusev drove his point home when at SummerSlam, he accompanied Lana and the other Divas on a girls night out, and introduced her to a lesbian club goer, and suggested that the two women hang out. I think that Lana should’ve known that it’s only natural for man to get jealous when he sees his wife kissing other people, particularly if those people are female.

Meanwhile Lana wasn’t the only Diva having relationship problems this week. Alexa Bliss was becoming overly concerned that her fiancé and Australian member of the NXT roster wasn’t going to be called up to main roster anytime soon. His release from the contract with WWE would mean his immediate return to Australia because of his work visa, which would expire as soon as his contract was terminated. Alexa didn’t want to see him deported, so they began to discuss other alternatives.

He suggested that he should apply for a fiancé visa. This seems like a brilliant plan, however, US law requires applicants for a fiancé visa to marry within 90 days of applying for one. According to Alexa, this would shatter her dream of an elaborate wedding with all of the traditional trappings, because 90 days wouldn’t give her enough time to plan the wedding.

Alexa’s best friend, Nia Jax, disagreed, citing The Miz and Maryse as a couple who planned a wedding in a short amount of time. An argument ensued between the two women, which temporarily put their friendship in jeopardy. I personally agree with Alexa that Nia should have minded her own business, and not questioned her friend’s commitment to marriage. Her friend’s personal life should be her own business, with Nia’s only job being to support Alexa whatever decision she makes.

Meanwhile, Maryse threw a Sex and the City themed party to kickoff WWE’s second-biggest show of the year, SummerSlam. More drama is bound to ensue at the festivities, so tune in to next week’s episode of Total Divas.