Total Divas S7 E2 episode recap: Dressed Like A Champ

This episode begins right where the last episode left off. A landmark event in women’s wrestling in the WWE was about to begin: the first ever Money in the Bank ladder match.

Historically, these ladder matches in which wrestlers must climb to the top of a tall ladder and retrieve a briefcase containing a contract that gives the recipient a chance at a championship match at any time have been considered to be too dangerous for female Superstars to participate in. However, since the start of the new women’s movement in WWE female talent has received billing equal to, or greater than that of their male counterparts.

The historic Money in the Bank ladder match was won in a controversial way, however. Recently, WWE Women’s Superstar, Carmella, has been accompanied to the ring by her valet, James Ellsworth. Ellsworth has assisted Carmella in winning matches through devious means.

However, this time Ellsworth took his deception in aiding Carmella to new heights. During the middle of the Money in the Bank ladder match while the other women performers were distracted, Ellsworth climbed to the top of the ladder, retrieved the briefcase, and tossed it into Carmella’s arms. This seemed like a cheap way of winning two most fans including myself. However, surprisingly, the rest of the women’s locker room didn’t seem to have a problem with the outcome. Maybe they were simply maintaining a front of professionalism though.

Retired women’s Superstar, Brie Bella, who was watching on the couch at home with her new baby, had a shocked expression on her face which showed her true feelings. It seemed as though Brie agreed with the rest of the WWE Universe, and felt that the women should have had a better opening ladder match.

This was not the only drama to take place on this episode of Total Divas.

There was some drama that took place between WWE Superstar, Maryse and fellow Superstar, Alexa Bliss. Alexa had struggled with an eating disorder prior to coming to WWE. Maryse suggested that Alexa should create a new look, more “red carpet ready” style because of her new champion status. When Alexa was clearly uncomfortable with the new look that Maryse was making her try on, Alexa’s friend, Nia Jax took Alexa outside to confront her about the potential problem.

Jax felt as though Maryse’s well meant makeover attempt would lead to Alexa feeling inadequate and a possible re-occurrence of her problems. Nia encouraged Alexa to stand up for herself and be true to her own personal style. I think that this makes Nia a good friend and wrestling partner. Alexa eventually stood up for herself and told Maryse that she appreciated her help, but didn’t want to change her style.

Meanwhile, Natalya and Trinity volunteered to babysit Brie Bella’s new baby, Birdie. Natalia confessed to not having much experience with babies. When Natalya and Trinity arrived at Brie’s, Brie began to show the girls how to best care for Birdie. Natalya seemed to get more and more nervous as the tutorial went on. When Brie left, Trinity immediately began to care for Birdie, but Natalya chose to go outside and play with the dogs instead.

Throughout the babysitting job Trinity continued to be the baby’s primary caregiver while Natalya remained focused on the dogs. However, at the end of the job Natalya volunteered to babysit again. When Trinity confronted Natalya about this, Natalya promised to do a better job of helping the next time that they babysit.

I can’t wait to see more adventures in babysitting on future episodes of Total Divas!

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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