Total Divas S7 E12 episode recap: Breaking The News

This season finale was jam-packed with the drama that has become a hallmark of the show.

A large part of the drama this season has been caused by the ongoing fight between Natalya and Lana. Natalya has made it perfectly clear that she feels as though Lana should stick to her original job as manager to her husband, WWE Superstar Rusev. While Lana is excellent at doing promos and talking on a microphone, her wrestling skills leave something to be desired.

Natalya has even suggested that Lana doesn’t have a place as a female wrestler. Lana has countered by saying that Natalya has no skills on the microphone. However, the women’s fight reached its climax on this episode when Lana asked Natalya’s husband, Tyson Kidd to help train her.

Kidd has been out of the ring for two years due to a serious neck injury. He is now a producer on Monday Night Raw. However, he still enjoys aiding the new talent to improve their skills. So, it was no surprise when he agreed to help Lana with her training. It was further no surprise that Natalya had problems with the arangement!

She insisted that her recent fights with Lana had nothing to do with her discomfort. According to Natalya, the reason that she was upset was that she was concerned was that she was afraid that while training Lana, Tyson would remember all of the things that he was missing in the ring. In an effort to protect Tyson, Natalya made up an elaborate lie about how Tyson had shingles. I understand that it is the instinct of a wife to protect her husband from any unnecessary pain, but Natalya should have allowed Tyson to make his own choices. I also think that Natalya was still angry about Lana’s previous comments. However, by the end of the episode Lana and Natalya had made peace with one another.

Meanwhile, another WWE couple is also experiencing major stress of their own. The Miz and his wife Maryse have just recently discovered that they are expecting. However, the only problem is that the baby is due on April 6th, two days before WrestleMania, the biggest WWE show of the year. Apparently, the baby isn’t concerned about it’s parents work schedule. Also, the baby isn’t worried that the couple has just sold their Los Angeles home. They have no idea where they are going to move next.

In an effort to help take something off his wife’s plate, The Miz made appointments to see houses in his hometown of Cleveland despite knowing that Maryse can’t stand the place. Maryse became upset when The Miz tried to pass it off as a joke…maybe The Miz should keep his sense of humor to himself until after the baby is born!

Another WWE couple has reached a milestone. Nikki Bella has finally set a date for her wedding to John Cena. However, after setting the date Nikki hasn’t had much time to wedding plan due to being on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. So. while she was in town for the show’s premiere, Nikki’s sister Brie suggested that they go wedding dress shopping. Due to rehearsal, Nikki didn’t have time to shop. So, Brie hired a wedding dress stylist who brought several dresses for her to try on. Brie is such a good sister!

Nikki’s wedding will no doubt cause even more drama on next season of Total Divas.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.


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