Total Divas S7 E1 episode recap: This Is Make Or Break

This season of Total Divas begins exactly where season two of Total Bellas left off. Brie Bella has just given birth to her new daughter, Birdie Jo, and the other Bella sister, Nicole, has just become engaged to her longtime boyfriend, John Cena.

Meanwhile, the rest of the locker room of the WWE women’s division has been busy growing and continuing the Women’s revolution. The revolution has gained a new victory as WWE announces the first ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. Historically, the Money in the Bank ladder match has been deemed too dangerous for women wrestlers to participate in.

However, due to the incredible recent performances by various members of the women’s roster, the powers that be at WWE have been forced to reconsider their long-held position. Since the Money in the Bank pay-per-view was a pay-per-view that was put on by the Smackdown brand, participation was limited to only the women on that roster.

This caused some of the women on the Raw roster to become slightly jealous of their counterparts on the popular Smackdown. When WWE Superstars Nia Jax and Maryse discussed their jealousy, Maryse felt disrespected because Nia happened to mention that Maryse must be very jealous since she had been part of the women’s roster for so long, and hadn’t gotten a chance to participate in the Women’s Revolution. While I understand what Nia meant by her comment, I can also understand why Maryse was offended. While it is true that Maryse has not gotten a chance to benefit from the many new opportunities being offered to today’s women’s Superstars; by simply being a women Superstar Maryse has been a part of the Women’s Revolution.

Nia hurt Maryse’s feelings even more when she asked Maryse if she had ever been in a gauntlet match, while Nia may have thought that she was only asking a simple question, Maryse seemed to feel that Nia was trying to brag about the fact that she had been asked to perform in a gauntlet match, and Maryse had not. I think that Maryse was being a little bit sensitive, but that’s just me.

Meanwhile, Brie and her husband, Daniel Bryan were getting used to life with a newborn. The WWE even gave Daniel paternity leave so that could be there for the first few weeks of his daughter’s life. Daniel seemed to be enjoying fatherhood so much that he was dreading returning to work as a general manager of Smackdown.

Brie’s sister, Nikki, seemed to have the solution to Daniel’s problem. She suggested that maybe could take over Daniel’s duties as general manager to allow Daniel to spend more time with his family. The WWE didn’t appear to like the idea, however, because Daniel was summoned back to work only a few days later.

WWE Superstar, Naomi, and her husband, Jimmy Uso, had their own problems in the episode. It seems that after four years of marriage Jimmy has stopped being as romantic as he used to be. Naomi complained about this, and Jimmy spent a good portion of his time trying to make amends.

In their new home in Pensacola, Florida, Jimmy tried to impress his wife by planning a date to a historic lighthouse. However, Naomi didn’t think the location was as romantic as he did. She seemed more concerned about the state of her hair and clothing than appreciating the view of the Gulf of Mexico from the lighthouse.

She was even less impressed by the drive through Italian dinner that Jimmy tried to purchase. While I agree that drive-through dinners aren’t exactly the most romantic dates in the world, I believe that I would have found the ocean view more romantic than Naomi seemed to.

However, Jimmy did try to redeem himself by serving his wife a fancy dinner on a rose petal covered table. This appeared to appease Naomi until she discovered that Jimmy hadn’t actually prepared dinner himself but had ordered it from a restaurant. I personally don’t think I would’ve cared, and I think I would have given the guy credit for trying.

Can’t wait to see, what drama transpires next week on a new episode Of Total Divas.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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