Total Divas S6 E8 episode recap: Pain in the Neck

In this episode of Total Divas, the drama continues for the Divas and their significant others. Renée Young is upset because in the beginning episode, she reveals that she and her boyfriend, WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose, were supposed to go on a trip with fellow WWE Superstars Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, but Dean doesn’t want to go because he is to tired from his rigorous work schedule, and just wants to relax at home.

So, Renee decided to go on the trip without him. However, Renée still felt a little awkward in doing so because she said, “they are trying to get pregnant”. While I understand Renee wish not to be the third wheel, I also think that he should not restrict herself to staying home because Dean doesn’t like to go out often.

Renee, Brie and Daniel seemed to enjoy their weekend away. They communed with nature going whale watching, gardening and dining outdoors. Renee still missed Dean though. She even called Dean to complain about his absence. When he was through complaining Dean explained that he hadn’t gone with her because he was planning a personal vacation for just the two of them.

Meanwhile even though they were on vacation Brie and Daniel were still having their own issues. Daniel got a message from WWE saying that they had another job opportunity for him that didn’t involve wrestling, which Daniel is no longer clear to participate in because of multiple injuries. While Brie was happy that Daniel was going to be able to participate in the business that he loved so much, she  was afraid that if Daniel once again kept rigorous schedule that the WWE requires of its talent, their plans to start a family would be derailed.

I thought that it was admirable that when Daniel heard Brie’s concerns he offered to refuse the position if Brie wanted him to. However, Brie insisted that Daniel take the position because she knew how much he wanted to be part of the WWE again.

Natalya and Lana had their own problems this week also. Lana wanted Natalya to help her to plan her wedding because Lana admired Natalya’s wedding photographs, and thought that Natalya would be an excellent wedding planning assistant.

At first, Natalya was flattered by Lana’s desire for her help but she soon realized that Lana wanted a lot more help than she was willing to give. However, she didn’t want to tell Lana that she wasn’t going to help her. So, she had her friend R-Truth how to best tell Lana without hurting her feelings. He suggested that Natalya ignore all of Lana’s wishes for her wedding and give her awful suggestions instead.

In spite of Natalya giving Lana all the awful suggestions that she could think of, Lana still kept asking for her help. Finally, Natalya had to tell Lana that she was unable to help. So, I suppose that we will just have to see the wedding plans that Lana comes up with on her own on the finale of this season Of Total Divas.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.


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