Total Divas S6 E6 episode recap: Too Many Cooks

This week on Total Divas, WWE Superstar Naomi was excited to make her very first movie, The Marine 5, but she was also very nervous. In order to calm her nerves, Naomi sought the advice of her fellow Diva and friend Maryse who has been in several films with her husband, WWE Superstar The Miz.

However, Maryse’s idea of a pep talk was to take her friend to a trapeze school. The idea was that if Naomi was able to conquer her fear of heights by using the trapeze then she could conquer her jitters. While the method was extreme, it seemed to work. After the trapeze lesson Naomi went on to perform well in her first film.

Meanwhile, another Diva was battling something much stronger than nerves. WWE Superstar Natalia is always trying to encourage the other Divas in the locker room to do their best. Apparently she tries to be an encouragement to her family as well. Natalia’s sister Jenny has just moved from Canada to Natalia’s home in Florida. So, Jenny has been trying to settle into a new house and find a job all while struggling with anxiety disorder.

Natalia thought that he could help her sister’s confidence by encouraging her to use her passion for cooking to begin a new career. To that end, she offered her kitchen to Jenny so that she could teach a cooking class in her home. Natalia even invited her fellow WWE Superstars to join the class. She was confronted with a challenge, however, when none of her fellow Superstars were interested in the class. In order to help things go right for her sister, Natalia offered to pay her friends and their families to show up for the cooking class. They all took her up on her offer and join the class. However, she neglected to inform her friends that they were supposed to keep quiet about their extra incentive.

When Jenny found out, she completely lost all the confidence she had built. She claimed that Natalia had destroyed her confidence by making her believe that she was incapable of getting people to attend the class on her own. While Natalia’s heart was in the right place, I agree with Jenny that filling the class full of people who were being paid to be there was probably not the best idea. For now, Natalia should encourage her sister from a distance rather than planning all of her sister’s career moves for her.

There was even more drama having to do with sisters this week. Our favorite sisters, the Bella twins, involved themselves in a competition of their own making. Brie and Nikki decided to take IQ tests to see which twin was smarter. Brie’s husband, WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan, decided to help the women out by scheduling them appointments with a psychiatrist who performed IQ tests. In preparation for the IQ tests the sisters tested each other, and both sisters were determined to do better than each other. After the tests the twins asked each other about the questions.

The answer which mortified me and my husband was Brie’s response to the question, who was president during the Civil War. Brie’s response was Teddy Roosevelt. Brie Bella, you may be a woman WWE Superstar, but you are not smarter than the fifth-grader. I think that the Bella Twins need to stop being so competitive with one another. But then, there wouldn’t be as much drama and fun on this season of Total Divas.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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